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Blaenplwyf is a major television broadcast site located to the south of Aberystwyth. B&W Consultants Ltd were appointed land surveyors, structural engineers and civil & structural design consultants for the construction of a steel frame building to be located near the base of the existing 150 met high guyed mast.

The land surveying team were advised that the site required an earth bund to screen the proposed steel frame building from a neighbouring farm house. Volumetric calculations were carried out in a 3D survey modelling program to work out the cut and fill balance, so that a suitable sized earth bund could be constructed from the building excavation without hauling any earth on or off the site.

Exact building location and finish levels were established based on the volumetric calculations. A new tarmac access road was designed to tie into established finished levels and to take into account HGV turning circles. A new steel framed build was also designed with foundations and retaining walls. Drainage and soak away calculations were undertaken in house to the latest British standards.

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