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Ridge Hill

B&W Consultants Ltd were principle designers for the new antenna mounting steelwork and ground based civils work for the digital TV re-engineering project in 2009 at Ridge Hill main transmitting station.

The airworks involved the design and installation of three new broadcast antennas at various levels on the 500ft guyed mast. Inbed interface steelwork was designed and detailed by B&W Consultants Ltd for the main 10 metre high top mounted cantilever digital antenna. Below this the 360 degree wrap around reserve antenna was fixed to steel rings and rails designed by B&W Consultants Ltd. Further down the mast additional steelwork was required for a directional antenna that was to give Cheltenham and Gloucester digital TV coverage.

The top cantilever UHF spine antenna was lifted using a super-puma helicopter. This being a preferred option considering the limited space on the mast and the time constraints using traditional lifting methods.

Helicopter lifts of this kind take place in a matter of minutes and some careful consideration had to be given to the specific method of lifting, including particular safety measures to enable a manageable, low risk operation.

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